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National Silver Medalists

UDFS captures another national medal!

This past weekend, 12 teams flocked to the Fred Rust Ice arena to compete at the 2019 U.S. Intercollegiate Championships. With one of the closest collegiate competitions in history, Delaware came away with 153 points and a national silver medal. Boston University posted 154 points for the gold and Adrian grabbed the bronze with 132.5 points. Dartmouth College and the University of California, Berkeley followed to round out the top five.

More history was made this weekend, as our very own Tony Lu (Class of 2022) landed the first ever triple axel in collegiate competition. “My first nationals was an amazing experience. I had a sense of family and teamwork that I couldn’t really find at my previous nationals. I didn’t have a whole team of 50+ skaters to back me up which really helped me perform to the best of my ability and to land the first triple axel in intercollegiate history which I’m very proud of. Maybe next season I’ll land the first quad in intercollegiate history.”

This concludes the 2018-2019 season!

Individual Results:

Alannah Binotto: Sixth place, International Pattern Dance

Annabel Will: First place, Intermediate Short; Second Place, Intermediate Long

Brooke Tripp: Second Place, Juvenile Short; Fifth Place, Juvenile Excel; First place, Medium team maneuvers

Brynn Dayton: First place, Preliminary Excel; Second place, Low team maneuvers

Codie Hazen: First place, Medium Team maneuvers

Emily Joseph: Fourth place, Juvenile short; First place, Juvenile Excel; Second place, low team maneuvers

Evan Walter: First place, Gold pattern dance; Third place, senior pattern dance; Second place, Low team maneuvers

Evelyn Welsh: Second place, Low Team maneuvers

Georgia Halmo: Second place, Low team maneuvers

Hannah Gottfried: Third place, Junior short; Second place, Preliminary pattern dance; Sixth place, Juvenile pattern dance; First place, Junior Excel; Second place, High team maneuvers

Janelle Skaden: First place, Medium team maneuvers

Julia Iovino: Eighth place, Senior Excel

Julia Rowland: Fourth place, Junior Championship

Lindsey Jaeger: First place, medium team maneuvers

Leah Krauskopf: First place, international pattern dance; Fifth place, Senior Pattern dance; Second place, High team maneuvers

McKenna Schindler: Fifth place, Novice Short

Paige Conners: Second place, Junior short; Third place, preliminary pattern dance; Second place, Junior Championship

Tony Lu: Second place, High team maneuvers; First place, Senior Championship Men

Sam Puhl: Sixth place, Senior Championship

Yuanshi Jin: First place, junior pattern dance; Fourth place, senior pattern dance

Zoe Gobeille: Sixth place, Junior Excel

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