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UDFS Captures the Silver

After a tough and exciting three days of competition, UDFS captures the silver medal at the MIT Intercollegiate Competition. We traveled up to Cambridge, MA for the second regional competition of the season.

This was a very close competition with Boston University winning the gold with 115 points, UD not far behind with 108 points and Dartmouth College followed to win the bronze with 106 points.

Vice President, Hannah Gottfried said “Winning the silver medal this weekend was a huge accomplishment for UDFS. Even with injuries and setbacks just days before the competition, we showed that we are ready to achieve our goal of becoming national champions this year. The support and dedication shown by each member of our team this weekend was incredible, and I’m so proud especially of the multiple skaters that stepped up in place of others on such short notice. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us for the rest of the season!”

We will keep training hard for our next competition hosted by Penn state in March, which will be the last regional competition of the season!

UDFS individual medalists include:

Alannah Binotto: Ninth place, International Pattern Dance

Annabel Will: First place, Intermediate Ladies Short; First place, Intermediate Ladies Long

Brooke Tripp: Second place, Juvenile Ladies Excel Group B

Brynn Dayton: First place, Excel Preliminary Ladies; First place, Low Team Maneuvers

Emily Joseph: Second place, Juvenile Short; First place, Juvenile Ladies Excel Group B; First place, Low Team Maneuvers

Evan Walter: Fourth place, International Pattern Dance; First place, Low Team Maneuvers

Evelyn Welsh: First place, Low Team Maneuvers

Georgia Halmo: First place, Low Team Maneuvers

Hannah Gottfried: Fifth place, Junior Short; First place, Junior Excel; First place, preliminary dance; First place, High Team Maneuvers

Julia Iovino: Third place, Senior Excel

Lauren Watson: Fifth place, Junior Championship

Leah Krauskopf: Fourth place, International Pattern dance; Fourth place, Senior Free dance; First place, High Team Maneuvers

Tony Lu: First place, High Team Maneuvers

Sam Puhl: Seventh place, Senior Ladies Championship

Yuanshi Jin: Fourth place, Senior pattern dance

Zoe Gobeille: Seventh place, Junior Championship

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