Recruitment Weekend is an event hosted by UDFS that invites skaters currently in high school to experience the life of a competitive collegiate figure skater. Each recruit has the opportunity to join the UD Figure Skating Team for an exciting weekend filled with many activities including getting to practice with the team, touring our beautiful campus, enjoy one of Main Street's unique restaurants, explore the city of Newark, and more!


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The UD Figure Skating Team trains at the University of Delaware Ice Arena. This facility includes an Olympic size rink (Fred Rust Arena, pictured below) an NHL size rink (Gold Arena) a gym, a ballet room, a snack bar, a pool, and a skate shop. This ice arena also houses the high-performance figure skating training center which has been the principle training center for U.S. National, International, and Olympic competitors. There are freestyle and dance sessions available Monday-Friday from 6am-6pm.

For more information, please visit the UD Ice Arenas website.

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The high-performance training center prides itself on its professional coaching staff that is well experienced in both on-ice and off-ice training.  UD is home to many National and International coaches such as Barbara Roles-Williams, Jeff DiGregorio, Pamela Gregory, Sara Weymouth, Ronald Ludington, Dirke Baker, Phillip Dulebohn, and the team's very own Joel McKeever and Alexandr Kirsanov. UD Figure Skating team memebers are not required to take private lessons from the team coaches and are free to contact any of the training centers coaches (from the coaching staff directory) to determine which coach will suit their best skating needs.


UDFS holds one full team practice as a group on Thursdays at 6:30 am. All team practices are mandatory for UDFS membership, as important announcements are given and the team coaches are present to give assistance as needed.


UDFS competes 3-4 annually, with ideally 2 competitions (including nationals) per semester. UDFS competes in the Eastern Conference and has qualified for the national championships every year since UDFS's conception. The U.S. Intercollegiate National Championships are held in April every year, and three teams from each section qualify to compete for the national title.  Collegiate competitions are judged under the 6.0 judging system and use a point based system to determine the overall placements of each school.  1st-5th place in every event earns points that contribute to the overall team score.  At the end of the competition, the team with the highest total score wins the competition. See our Events page for more information. 


Each school is permitted 30 "starts" or event entries for each competition. Try-outs are typically held prior to a competition to help determine which skaters will be selected and in which events they will compete. The board and the team coaches work together to select the starts that they believe will earn the most amount of points for the team.  


UDFS members are required to pay dues twice each semester to help cover the cost of competition travel, lodging, and ice times.  Dues are determined by the membership status of each individual skater:


     $210 - Competitive:  Skater competes with the team, but has 

                   not purchased High-Performance Contract Ice.

    $150 - Contract with Rink for Ice:  Skater competes with the team and has 

                  already purchased High-Performance Contract Ice. 

 $125 - Associate Member:  Skater does not compete, however, is 

                encouraged to attend all practice sessions, competitions, and team-

                related social and fundraising events.

$75 - Injury: Skater who is injured, but still wants to participate

in team events valid with doctor's note 


Dues also include the following benefits:

Two free walk-on sessions per week

Access to the gym above the rink

Team practice ice

Team coach