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Alexandr Kirsanov


P: 302-438-9549


CREDENTIALS: 8 time National coach, 3 time International coach Junior world competitor, SGP competitor, Choreography, Dance, and Power/Stroking


EXPERIENCE: 9 years 


AWARDS & HONORS: U.S.National Senior Dance -5th place, 2004 Skate America -6th place


CURRENT & PAST CLIENTS: Isabella Cannuscio + Ian Lorello - JGP Medalists, National Pewter Medalists Anastasia Cannuscio + Colin McManus, JGP Competitors Whitney Miller + Grant Lorello-Junior, National Silver Medalists Meara Lorello + William Dean, Junior National Competitors Kyle Herring + Sara Bailey, Novice National Silver Medalists Emmanuel Savory, 2009 Intermediate Men Champion 2010 Novice Men Silver Medalist, I was a former international competitor and currently a national and international coach. 

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